Face Moles

Face moles

     The "occult science" tailor its sinuous way on our skin in the form of more or less immaculate spots named in a popular way as moles! What is the name of this science? It is called "Moleosophy". What is its goal? It is at first sight a very simple and plain science that studies moles and tries to explain their meaning, future and present of the mole's carrier. According moleosophy, a mole's placement on the body, shape, size and color they are indicators of a person's character or clues about his future.

     Here are a few examples with which the new human study method knocks out any form of god and ruins the very foundation of astrology. These are examples only for face moles and you can find entire books on other body placement of moles.

     The signification of face moles:

  • Cheeks (face moles). A mole on either cheek indicates a serious and studious person, uninterested in material pleasures.
  • Chin. A mole on any part of the chin is characteristic for people full of affection and care, which can adapt to any situations. They enjoy traveling, and when they do, they respect the laws and customs specific to that place. In the same time they are dedicated and diligent workers, who gladly accept their responsibilities.
  • Ear. People born with a mole in one ear are considered lucky.
  • Eyes. A face mole that is located on the outer corner of a person's eye indicates that you're dealing with an honest, fair play and reliable person.
  • Brow. A face mole located on the right eyebrow means that its owner will have a very active life and he or she will have their share of success for all the actions they might to make at any given time in their life.
  • Lips. People with a face mole on the lips always aspire to evolve or to advance in life.
  • Neck. A mole on the front of your neck stands for a sudden luck. If it is placed on one side of the neck, it indicates an irrational behavior. A mole placed on the back of the neck suggests a person who wants to lead a simple life.
  • Nose. A face mole placed on the nose is representative for a person that can be a sincere friend and a diligent worker when he works alone.

     Returning with both our feet on the ground, the question is simple: Do you have a mole? You must make the decision if you want people to see it, cover it or simply remove it.

     If your mole was examined by a professional and he decided that it is safe to be removed, then the decision is yours entirely.

     Moles were always in fashion. Stars were the first that showed us how beautiful moles can be. One thing to remember is that you want your mole to give you only a chic look and not to turn the attention of others from you to it. For this reason there are some places where the moles are considered to be in the right place. These places are around the eyes and mouth, for example. The word "mole" is usually associated with Marylyn Monroe's image, famous for its mole placed above the upper lip, cheek close. Sarah Jessica Parker has mole on top of the chin, below the lip. Janine Turner has a mole near the temple.

     Many people try to create moles. There are temporary moles water resistant and can be applied anywhere on the face or body. To last longer, face moles can even be tattooed anywhere you want, and often when you think someone has always had a mole, you will be surprised to know that they have created it themselves. Many experts in fashion use face moles to cover up an unexpected zit. This can be done by following these simple instructions:

  • Apply mascara as usual.
  • Choose the proper under eye mascara that matches your skin tone.
  • Take an eyeliner pencil and cover the zit.

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